lundi 19 novembre 2007

Alfresco : Tutorial by ECMArchitect

In the blog's world covering the ECM open-source, we can quote one in particular : (due to his impressive information qualitiy) ECMArchitect.com.

This blog concerns in particular Alfresco solution. The author of this blog: Jeff Potts is "Principle Architect" Optaros and has over 15 years experience in the world of "content management". On this site, we can find a collection of articles and tutorials on Alfresco.

Here is a listing of post links about Alfresco tutorials :


lundi 12 novembre 2007

Alfresco 2 / Nuxeo 5: Comparison with Open Source QSOS and OSMM

In the open source world , it is useful to compare 2 solutions that have identical functionnality perimeter. The purpose is to choose the best solution that suits our existing environment.

Several methods exist.

To illustrate just these 2 approaches, you can find below links to OSMM and QSOS qualificiation of 2 open source solutions ECM: Alfresco and Nuxeo.

  • Méthodologie QSOS :
  • Alfresco : Fiche
  • Nuxeo : Fiche
  • Méthodologie OSMM :
  • Alfresco : Fiche (.ppt)
  • Nuxeo : Fiche (.ppt)

For more evaluation sheet, follow this links :