mercredi 24 septembre 2008

CMIS & Smith : a similar story


I promised to make a small presentation on CMIS ... But currently I have no time to test the first Alfresco implementation of CMIS... But I read the specifications and I follow all the links in my previous post on CMIS. Feel free to take a look regularly. I try to update links when I find others.

However, I have to make a special thing to welcome this major initiative in the ECM world. To do this, I made this small presentation :

Smith & CMIS : a similar story
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Of course, if you haven't seen Mr & Mrs Smith, you should see it !! In any case it's another way to explain what was done with CMIS ...

Have fun!

Ps: Do you think it's a good idea or I'm going to the wrong way ?

lundi 15 septembre 2008

Nuxeo comment the development of CMIS specifications

Following the annoncement of EMC, IBM and Microsoft regarding CMIS (Content Management Interoperability Services) specifications.

EMC, IBM et Microsoft joined by Alfresco, Open Text, Oracle, and SAP

Eric Barroca, Nuxeo Executive VP, Operations is saying:

" We are warmly welcoming the inception of this future standard and the early feedbacks we are getting from our customers are also very positive. The perspectives are exciting. This is offering a practical solution to real-world and to the endemic Babel-Tower syndroma of heterogeneous information systems... which they all are

With the growing spread of ECM platforms and related software (search, ERP integration, etc.) in organisations, the interoperability problem and the isolation of content has become a critical issue that our customers are facing. CMIS might be a good answer to this.

Technically, CMIS leverages proven and state-of-the-art standards (ATOMPub, HTTP, etc.) and patterns (REST, SOA), already adopted and heavily leveraged in Nuxeo's open source ECM platform.

Our experience of REST pattern for ECM services (through our Nuxeo WebEngine component) and service orientation (Nuxeo Platform has been using OSGi since 3 years as its core) could bring some nice hints to the creation of version 1.0 of this specifications and therefore we see the choice of the OASIS Group as an umbrella as a good news, given that the work group opens up to other actors. Moreover, Nuxeo could also work and contribute its significant experience to the yet out-of- scope fields such as RM and DAM.

Our R&D squad is already studying the draft and will add the implementation of CMIS into the roadmap our Nuxeo Platform. Beta support should be able before the end of october. Thanks to the power of Nuxeo WebEngine to implement REST-based protocols, the implementation will be straightforward and will also deliver a working UI on top of it."

" As an open source software vendor, Nuxeo's value proposition relies on the widest possible integration of open standards. This lies at the heart of our vision for an ECM platform, designed to fuel the development of an ecosystem (partners, OEM, resellers,...). This is also key in the decision process of our customers. That's why we're very keen to adopt the CMIS standard : the interoperability path it provides will allow customers to base their technology and solutions choice on their users needs and expectations", adds Stefane Fermigier.


CMIS : Content Management Interoperability Services

The Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) standard will define a domain model and set of bindings, such as Web Service and REST/Atom that can be used by applications to work with one or more Content Management repositories/systems.

The CMIS interface is designed to be layered on top of existing Content Management systems and their existing programmatic interfaces. It is not intended to prescribe how specific features should be implemented within those CM systems, nor to exhaustively expose all of the CM system’s capabilities through the CMIS interfaces. Rather, it is intended to define a generic/universal set of capabilities provided by a CM system and a set of services for working with those capabilities.

CMIS Spécification :
Blogs (FR) :

Blogs (ENG) :
Editor WebSite
Organization WebSite

Return to work

After several weeks of relative rest ... I'm back !

It's time for an inventory and report...

From Nuxeo
Nuxeo announced several events:
  • Seminar on the WebEngine Nuxeo 23.09.2008
    If you want to know more about the beta Nuxeo Web Engine, it'is the time to register.
    For more information: http://www.nuxeo.com/events/seminaire-echangeur/

  • First European Conference Nuxeo this winter (December or January)
Little summary by S. Fermigier on the mailing list Nuxeo.
The main goals for this conference / workshop will be to present and
discuss the new features of Nuxeo 5.2 (which will have been released
at this time), the roadmap for 2009 and 2010 (including some R & D
projects in which the Nuxeo platform is involved), and to present
actual projects in which the Nuxeo platform has been used.

More importantly, it will be the first important gathering of members
Nuxeo of the community, and the opportunity to meet and discuss face to
address how we can keep improving it and make it the best answer to the
challenges of Enterprise 2.0 document management and collaboration

From Alfresco

  • Alfresco Developer Newsletter Creation
    To register and receive the latest information on Alfresco community (events, resources ...), this is happening here: http://www.alfresco.com/community/newsletters/community_news/
  • First hosted Alfresco offer
    You have any equipment necessary to install a Alfresco ... You don't want to install Alfresco ... You have to outsource your ECM... You want to test the latest certified Alfresco version without worry about the rest ... So I think we should go have a look to this link: http://www.atolcd.com/produits-et-services/alfresco-entreprise-heberge.html

  • Creating an Alfresco community site : Alfresco Community
    Can be found at: http://network.alfresco.com
    The beta version is Alfresco users oriented. You can find links aboutAlfresco Labs and community. You can also find various information about what you need to live Alfresco experience. Note there's also the same but partners oriented (Enterprise Network).

  • Some statistics ...
    You cand find on Nancy Garrity blog statistics revolving around Alfresco: http://blogs.alfresco.com/nancy/?p=31

  • Finally, the lastest Release of Alfresco 3.0 Labs
    After the first version on July 31, this new version have the first implementation of CMIS specification. I will return in another post on this small revolution in ECM.
To install it is here: http://wiki.alfresco.com/wiki/Installing_Labs_3

From... open-source-ecm.com

With motivation and time, I will try to provide several types of posts:
  • First, I'm going to inform you about the evolution of Alfresco and Nuxeo and others Open Source ecm solution (yes yes! It's in my to do list)...
  • I will continue to create presentations of "popular knowledge" on a specifical technical point or a concept ...
  • Then I'm going to try English interview from the ECM community in general.
  • And then share my views and opinion on the content management...

An ambitious program but with the motivation we can do everything!

In any case all feedbacks are welcome!